Edible Landfill

During the month of April the students in Room 17 learned a lot about recycling.  We learned the importance of saving our earth by Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.  We then estimated how long it takes for items to decompose.  The students were amazed at how long it takes for this to happen, once again emphasizing the importance of the 3R's!  We then learned about how a landfill is made and then created our own edible landfills.  First the clay was made from graham cracker crust.  Next we added chocolate syrup to show the plastic liner.  Then we added licorice to show the pipes.  The trash was made from pudding and M&M's.  The landfill gas or methanol was shown using Tootsie rolls.  We then covered the landfill with plastic (chocolate syrup), and then place dirt (Oreos) on top.  Grass (green sprinkles) grew on top.  They looked just like a real landfill!